Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Five Ways to Create Passive Income With Little or No Money

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Five Ways to Create Passive Income With Little or No Money
When I learned about the concept of passive income, I immediately became excited about it. I read every book I could get my hands on about wealth, personal finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Most of these books were heavy on concepts, but light on specifics. With this in mind, I went to seminars and started mingling with people who were already doing it to find out how they started. Here are five suggestions from what I’ve learned.

1) Buy an investment property with no money down.

Pros: inexpensive, huge asset for nothing but a signature
Cons: need good credit, must choose wisely, must find tenant quickly,
I was a first time homebuyer when I bought my first investment property. Banks love first-timers. They have a myriad of different programs to get buyers into their first house. Most banks will bend over backwards for them. With meager credit, I qualified for a brand new house with no money down, super-low interest rate, and $5,000 in equity, just for signing on the line. That was the fastest $5,000 I have ever made.