Thursday, December 29, 2011

15 Crazy Ways People Make Money in Today’s Economy-Make Extra Money Ideas


In today’s economy, it can be pretty tough to make money anywhere, but some intrepid folks are earning money hand over fist online and they’re doing it in some crazy ways. There’s a lot that can be learned from these people, especially if you’re sitting on your own idea but think it’s too out there. As these people illustrate, there’s no end to the insanity when it comes to making money online!

1 . Virtual Farming – Nearly half a million people in China are making money by playing a game, earning gold and selling it to other players with too much time on their hands and a credit card burning in their pocket! The phenomenon that is World of Warcraft, a massively multi-player online role playing game, has spawned some of the most creative ideas for making money. The game’s currency is gold, but a lot of players don’t want to take the time to earn it themselves. So, these people in China, and all over the world, spend their days playing the game, making gold and selling it in the game for actual cash.

Make Extra Money Ideas-Three Easy Ways to Make Extra $$$


Make Extra Money Ideas

In these tough times everyone is looking for ways to make some extra money. "GMA" financial contributor Mellody Hobson explains her three favorite simple ways to bank extra bucks.


There is this new service out there that is all the rage, ChaCha. In its first year of service (2008), it already had 3.5 million unique mobile users. I absolutely love it, and I have run into so many people that swear by it.

10 Ways to Earn Passive Income Off and Online

By emievil

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is basically what you earn even without actively participating in the earning process. Based on a local financial guru in my country,passive income is the income that we all should strive for during our retirement years as they don't require much effort but still enables us to obtain money for our day-to-day expenses. There are various ways to make passive income. The following are just some of these ways (you are free to think up more ways, just don't forget to leave me a note if you have thought of one):

Rental from Real Property

According to Robert Kiyosaki, this is one way to ensure big earnings and early retirement. From renting out a room in your home, to renting out apartments, or a building complex or even a condominium, this is one sure way to earn passive income. However, one has to take note that, prior and even during the time you are getting income from this, setting up the property to be rented and maintaining it in good condition are some of the things you will have to contend to.

Time Deposits

One of the basic ways to earn passive income (or interest income) is through placing your savings in time deposits. Although they have holding periods (30 days to 1 year or even 5 years), they earn higher interest than ordinary savings account. Plus, if you don't withdraw your interest, it also earns interest. There are, however, restrictions in terms of withdrawals and minimum balances.

Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Make Money On Hubpages On Your Blog

Make Money Fast Blogging Only 1 or 2 Hours A Week

Sounds good? Who wouldn't want ot make incredible money online working for such little tiime. I want to share with you what has to happen before we can see profits like the gurus.We have to begin learning about some very basic tools that are necessary before you can implement your money making blogging methods online or any other Internet money making program.

I know how you feel if you write for hubpages and haven't received any visitors. And I also know what it feels like to finally have a comment and have someone buy a product from amazon or click onto the googles ad on my page.

Below are the items you will have to become familiar and knowledgeable with on your journey to making money by blogging or any other online money making business.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Effective Money Making Ideas

By Bendo13

If you are sick of being a slave to your boss then you should look into setting up your own business online. A low or no cost online business may be just what you need. However you time will be needed in abundance in the start up phase.
When you put at least one of the following money making ideas into play you can take control of your life again. By the end of this article you will be ready to set up shop online.

1. Blog for Money

That's right; you can write blogs for money! Having a blog is sometimes a better option than setting up your own site online for a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that you don't have to code your website and there are a lot of FREE blog platforms out there! The internet can be confusing for some people and if you expect them to learn web design and coding just to get a site online then most people won't do it.

So by going to sites like WordPress you can set up a free blog and be ready to start posting to your site in less than an hour.

Another reason why blogs are so beneficial is that search engines love them so much that it's pretty easy to get traffic to these kinds of sites. Every single time you post a new blog the search engines see that you have new content and that can boost your ranking in the search engine results. Search engines want to provide people with fresh and relevant content, so a site that is updated often is very valuable.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making Money Online From Home Selling Arts and Crafts to Make Money Online

Turn Your Arts & Crafts Into Cash By Working at Home Online

More and more people are finding out that selling their arts and crafts  is one of the best way to make money online from home.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tips For A Successful Etsy Shop - Make Money On Etsy!

By alwritetea

Etsy Logo
Source: Etsy Logo

Tips For A Successful Etsy Shop
Etsy has become one of the fastest growing marketplace platforms in recent years. It is such a refreshing change from some of the other big name sites out there, and one of the main reasons is because of its artist-based community. True, you may only sell handmade items, vintage goods or supplies on Etsy, but that is what makes it so great. No box store items here, most listings are one of a kind, specialized and often eco-friendly or 'green'.

An Etsy seller is given the freedom to decide how their shop will look, and it’s up to you to brand your shop with a specific look or feel. The best and easiest way to do this is through your photos. Etsy loves a clean, neutral colored background, and/or an artistic portrayal of the item; extreme close-up, sharply angled, action shots, and the like. The basic idea is to sell your item based on the photo, in addition to an informative and clever product description. Digital cameras have become so affordable and easy to use, they are essential in producing clear, accurate images of your items.

Good lighting is another factor to pay close attention to when taking photos, and cannot be stressed enough. Remember that every monitor is different according to color adjustment and accuracy. Natural light works very well for clothing and larger pieces. Bright light is usually needed for small items such as jewelry or highly detailed goods. Take a few test shots of your product with, and without the flash setting on your camera, to decide which way will feature your item best--but more importantly--which way serves as the most accurate representation of the piece.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To Make Money Blogging With Only 30 Minutes A Day-Making Money Online

By Elearn4Life                             

Making money online seems to be what is hot today. Why continue to struggle with 9 to 5's when you can spend only 30 minutes a day blogging online? There are many online programs online that boast to the world how quickly they can get your up and running. So what's the risk? Why not go for it like thousands others?

What About Quick Money Internet Scams?

There are many desperate people getting taken by get rich quick schemes but continue on to buying one program after the other until they find something that works. This is the scam in it's self. The preying of desperatepeople looking for something quick when the real true is like any new business you have to learn the in's and out's before doing any business with ease.

A scam is something that can not deliver what is promised. I have been driven to buy all types of products that I refer to today only after I have learned the basics. Don't get me wrong some of the products I have paid for are all hype but are the best "Sales Copy" of all time.

Don't through away product you have paid for, chalk it up as a scam or think you are a fool. Learn the basics and never give up. In this business you have to jump in it to win it, eventually.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 Free Ways To Make Money Online

By earner

1) Make Money Online Writing for Hubpages

Make Money Online. Photo by Tracy_O
Well, it had to be first! Writing articles about anything you're interested is completely free at Hubpages - and you can get paid for it through what is called a "revenue sharing" system with Adsense.

 Put simply, that means that the more popular your writing is, the more you can earn because Hubpages share the advertising revenue with you. There's also an opportunity to earn further money with moe advertising revenue options.

The best thing you can do is try it for yourself and Join Hubpages. With Hubpages you simply write about things you know, things you hate, things you like. There's a whole section of questions that I find invaluable for writing hubs as I simply go to the questions section, find something I know the answer to, then press a button to create a hub about it - usually about 30 minutes later I've created the whole thing, including research and finding some nice photos to go with it!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Passive Income How to Earn More and Work Less

 From Scott Allen, former Guide

Do you want to continue working 50, 70, 100 hours a week the rest of your life?
Good! Neither do I.
Do you want to be able to take time off whenever you want to, without worrying about what's going to happen to your business?
So do I!
There's a saying in the corporate world: "Don't make yourself irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted." As an entrepreneur, this is still true in its own way. Let's think of "being promoted" as earning more and working less. You can raise your prices, but until you can remove yourself from being directly involved in doing the work that generates the income, there's always going to be a limit to how much you can earn, and it can only increase very slowly.