Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Effective Money Making Ideas

By Bendo13

If you are sick of being a slave to your boss then you should look into setting up your own business online. A low or no cost online business may be just what you need. However you time will be needed in abundance in the start up phase.
When you put at least one of the following money making ideas into play you can take control of your life again. By the end of this article you will be ready to set up shop online.

1. Blog for Money

That's right; you can write blogs for money! Having a blog is sometimes a better option than setting up your own site online for a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that you don't have to code your website and there are a lot of FREE blog platforms out there! The internet can be confusing for some people and if you expect them to learn web design and coding just to get a site online then most people won't do it.

So by going to sites like WordPress you can set up a free blog and be ready to start posting to your site in less than an hour.

Another reason why blogs are so beneficial is that search engines love them so much that it's pretty easy to get traffic to these kinds of sites. Every single time you post a new blog the search engines see that you have new content and that can boost your ranking in the search engine results. Search engines want to provide people with fresh and relevant content, so a site that is updated often is very valuable.
And when you get comments on your posts they do the same thing along with giving people a feeling of community when they're on your site. But what are you going to sell?

You may already have you own products or services that you want to offer to people and that's great! You can easily write about topics in your field and then have links to your products or services in each post. Or you can just have ads about your products in the sidebar of your blog; that way you don't even have to advertise in your post at all. This can help you draw in a big audience by getting them to read about a variety of different topics and then you offer them your product to help solve an issue for them, but what if you don't have your own products?

2. Become an Affiliate

If you don't have your own products then you can easily become an affiliate and start earning commission checks by selling someone else's products and services. There are a ton of different affiliate networks out there and sometimes you could earn as much as 75% for each and every sale made through your affiliate link. So this can be really profitable for you and you don't even have to create, touch or ship the products to the customer!

But you don't want to let a big commission percentage get you in a trance; you need to become an affiliate for someone whose products actually sell. Most affiliate networks like Commission Junction will allow you to see the average amount of money you can expect to earn from each business if you started promoting them. You need to be able to see which ads get the most clicks and convert the most sales to ensure that each and every blog post you put out will help you bring in the money.

And then all you have to do is pop links and banners into your blog posts or sidebar and wait for the sales to come crashing in. You don't even have to pressure people into buying, just make the option available. Go into detail about a certain topic and mention that this product would really help you even more and if you own it yourself then tell them about your experience.

 Don't write a generic post that relates directly to the product; people usually hate being "sold" to like that and will see your blog as more of a sales page than informational. So give people free info and then offer more value with a product and you're set but what if you want to sell your own products?

3. Automated Selling

There are a lot of different companies online that will actually dropship products directly to your customers so that you don't have to ship them yourself or store inventory at your house. This can be very beneficial and will help you run your business on autopilot! You buy the products at wholesale prices and then sell them at retail prices to make a profit and then the order process is taken care of by the dropshipping company. But what if you want to make your own products?

How does selling your own DVDs or CDs sound to you? Are you a musician, software engineer, director or author? Well if you're any of those things (and more) then you could easily create your own products through sites like Kunaki and have them dropshipped to your customers at a VERY cheap price. I have a DVD that I sell through them and I only pay $1... yes, a dollar! have a DVD made and then it's a few dollars for shipping.

The best part about this is that YOU set the price based on the value of the product so you control how much profit you want to make. I set up a complete course on how to create an online business from start to finish and I'm charging $47 for my DVD, so that's $46 in profit per DVD. They ship out your discs for you and you even get a FREE copy to make sure your product was formatted correctly. Oh and did I mention that you get to design your own cover art and disc art? Are you anxious to start making money yet?

These three money making ideas have been proven to make A LOT of people a ton of money each and every day. When you set up a blog and market your products or someone else's in your posts you'll soon realize how easy it can be to run your own business online. You can now take control of your life and say goodbye to that 9 to 5!

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