Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To Make Money Blogging With Only 30 Minutes A Day-Making Money Online

By Elearn4Life                             

Making money online seems to be what is hot today. Why continue to struggle with 9 to 5's when you can spend only 30 minutes a day blogging online? There are many online programs online that boast to the world how quickly they can get your up and running. So what's the risk? Why not go for it like thousands others?

What About Quick Money Internet Scams?

There are many desperate people getting taken by get rich quick schemes but continue on to buying one program after the other until they find something that works. This is the scam in it's self. The preying of desperatepeople looking for something quick when the real true is like any new business you have to learn the in's and out's before doing any business with ease.

A scam is something that can not deliver what is promised. I have been driven to buy all types of products that I refer to today only after I have learned the basics. Don't get me wrong some of the products I have paid for are all hype but are the best "Sales Copy" of all time.

Don't through away product you have paid for, chalk it up as a scam or think you are a fool. Learn the basics and never give up. In this business you have to jump in it to win it, eventually.

Make Money Blogging Online

There are some really great products that can show you how to make money online but learning about some very basic tools are necessary before you can implement your money making blogging methods online or any other Internet money making program.

I know how you feel if you write for hubpages and haven't received and visitors except for the first day your hub went live and the anguish as you continued to write just to have the same happen over and over again. But I also know what it feels like to finally have a comment and to have someone buy a product from amazon or click onto the googles ad on your page.

Below is are the items you will have to become familiar and knowledgeable with on your journey to making money by blogging or any other online money making business.

Blogging Basics

  • Keyword research-Finding the proper keywords to attract visitors and gain rank in the search engines.
  • Contextual links-Related keywords phrases used as links to relevant articles or websites.
  • Keyword placement- Strategically placing keywords in your blog or article to please the robots that scan your pages for the search engine.
  • Good Keyword Rich Titles- Titles that make visitors want more of what they are looking for.
  • Great content- Content that delivers what the title promises and more than expected.
  • Affiliate Programs-Programs such as that allows you to sell relevant products for a percentage of money.
Here is a little homework for you. Sign up for Hubpages if you haven't already. Study other hubs that rank hi and low to get a first hand feeling of what works and what doesn't. Beware the ranking on hubpages changes all of the time as the viewing it each pages does. So don't think you have are viewing a bad hub if it has alow score but has many comments.

Advanced Internet Money Making Tools

  • Affiliate Programs-Getting paid to sell others online or offline products.
  • Joint Venture- Using another's resources to improve your bottom line.
  • Lead Capture Pages-Collecting email and other information to later sale or contact.
  • Autoresponders-To automatically send prewritten emails with paid or free tool.
These advance tools have people making automatic money online and once you have learned the basics and begin to utilize these advance products you will still have to pay your due diligence before you begin making money by using only 30 minutes to tweek your online business. By the way there are so many other online techniques you will learn on this journey so keep a keen eye opened .

So you have it, this is the real deal. Making money by blogging can happen but must be connected to a automatic strategic program that takes time to put in place and nurture. To begin as a newbie and green with a new product in hand will not bring you to some money until spending at least 6mths of deligent trial and error and in most cases more time.

See "How To Start A Blog" for more free information to teach you about blogging basics and to help you get around your blogging for money learning curve . For money making ideas for now visit Earn Extra Money where you can find more ways to make money before becoming an established blogger for money.

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