Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Legit Ways How to Make Money Fast and Quick


Fast legal money

Here a number of legal ways to fill that gap when you’re running low on cash and need a quick way of making some more.
If you are looking for real advice to make money quickly, you can try a few of these methods that’ll surely leave you better off. There are many long term ways to make legit money but if you want it fast then follow these steps!

Five easy steps

I have broken down each money making method into 5 simple steps. Every step is unique and can be explored in any order. Not everything works for everyone and nothing's wrong with tweaking the idea.

Day work

It is really easy to get day jobs by signing up to employment agencies that call you out on the day. Arrangements can be made so they call you on a daily basis to see if you are available for work or you can call them when you want to work. This is very convenient as there are no permanent contracts and you get paid at the end of the day, some employers even give you cash if you can't cash a cheque. Keep in mind that these jobs often involve labouring, like lifting and packing in warehouses or construction sites. You can also check job classifieds on local websites or post your availability for work and your rates.

Sell old stuff

Dig out all of those valuables you have lying around that just take up space. You might think they aren't worth anything but you 'll be surprised how high other people value your junk. The items can be anything from old movie ticket stubs to old electronic items you no longer use. Post them for sale on auction sites or carry them into shops that deal with similar products. If you have a whole lot of junk then have a yard sale. Put the items on a table in front of your house and see what happens. Call your friends round to have a poke around too! Old or unused jewellery can also fetch quite a lot of money nowadays in pawn shops and jewellers. Make sure you shop around before selling your precious metals as many shops buy at very competitive rates. Always go with the highest payer. 

Organise an event

People will give away their money to be entertained so why not take advantage of this obvious earner? This is real easy and I've done it myself many times! The concept is simple. Book a bar or club, charge for entry and pay the booking fee at the end of the night. You could even arrange some kind of commission on all drinks bought if you can convince the owner. Its not hard to find people to attend an event provided you arrange the right one.

Do some quick research about your area, the type of people who live there and what they are into. If loads of students live nearby, a students party night would surely be a good choice to make. If you are a member of a common interest club with loads of followers, put on an event around that theme and invite them all to come. This concept can be applied to many things, not just clubs and bars.
Forex Chart

Trade Forex

Forex trading is buying or selling foreign currency in order to take advantage of the different exchange rates. Many people think that this practise is for finance specialists or really rich people who don't mind risking a few million here or there. Well thanks to the internet, the average Joe can be a foreign currency trader and is able to take advantage of leverage which allows the trader to make many times more with marginally less.

In order to make money really quick, a trader has to scalp the market. This means that each trade takes place in a very short space of time, taking advantage of quick fluctuations in the market. You can read more about scalping here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Easy-Simple-Forex-Scalping-Strategy
Copper Wire

Metal reclamation

There is money lying around us everywhere, even in the trash. I was surprised when my neighbour told me he made a lump sum from old pipes and unused building material he had lying in his shed. Copper piping has sky rocketed in price the past few years because of high demand and few suppliers. Metal recyclers pay huge amounts for any kind of copper they can get their hands on. If you have left over pipes from your central heating installation or old copper roofing, bring them to the metal yard where they will weigh it and pay you accordingly. Lead, old wires, steel and many other ferrous materials can fetch hundreds at the metal recyclers. The price of metal is outrageous at the moment so don't wait too long!

Things to remember

Make sure you pay your taxes or your earnings won't be legit. If you plan on making just a small amount then you might be exempt but the high aimers will have to consider this. The tax man can wipe you clean if you don't keep him happy, at the end of the day we want to make legit money right? Good luck with your quick money making ventures and remember, don't mix emotion with money or you won't have any!

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