Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Teenagers Can Make Extra Money Fast From Home

How To Make Extra Money

There are more tweens and teenagers in the search of ways to make money because of peer pressures today to look stylish and/or college that new ideas are researched everyday.

Teenagers have enough problems today without the added pressures of money especially when their parents may be struggling financially themselves.They can learn to make extra money from home.
I am putting this list together hoping to encourage others to add on to it with other innovative or well thought out ideas. I want to start with a typical list for teenagers to make money expanding to more creative ideas:

10 Ways Teenagers Can Make Extra Money From Home

  1. Babysitting
  2. Washing Cars
  3. Cleaning
  4. Yard sale(sell unwanted items)
  5. Tutoring (Tutor someone in a subject you are great in.)
  6. Private literacy classes. (teach someone to read)
  7. Running Errands for busy people.
  8. Selling photos online to places like ""
  9. Sell other peoples products.Affiliate marketing (Get free making money e-book) to learn how to sell other peoples products online.
  10. Sell Articles. If you are a good writer go to and learn more.

Easiest Ways To Make Repeat Money And Grow Your Customer Base

The easiest ways to make money is to do something you like or have knowledge of. If you love dogs, you may want to do some part time work grooming or walking dogs. You could even use your earned money to buy wholesale dog products and sell them to your customers.
Doing something you like can make earning your money easier than you think. Sharing the job with your friends will enhance your business and allow you to expand your workload. If you plan to be in business to earn money, you must be able to follow some guidelines to be profitable and successful.
  • Keep Appointments
  • Be On Time
  • Be Polite
  • Be Fair
  • Do More!
Leaving a project better when you finish will cause your customer to tell others. Leaving a client feeling good about their decision to hire you will help your business grow. You then can hire another friend and make several dollars on each of their jobs!
Can you see the potential? How a teenager can make money is only limited by their imagination. Use these ideas and others to get you started. Make a plan and get started.

How To Make Big Money

The best way to make big money is to save it. I know you have heard it all before, but as a teenager you have more income earning years than adults. This is powerful and adults want this time now that their more knowledgeable.
Use your time advantage and secure your future.Save at least 70% of your money. OK maybe 50%. But seriously the more money you can save the better you will be later on. Learn how to budget and save. When you learn these skills money will be a tool to enhance your life and not a piece of paper to be squandered.

Why Teenagers Should Learn How To Save Their Money

People that never learn how to save money will always struggle for money no matter how much they make. This bears repeating.."People that never learn how to save money will always struggle for money. No matter how much they make.

todays society people that have been earning all of their lives don't even have one dollar to show for it. At the very least they can only survive for 3 months without government aid, it they are lucky.
Do not let this happen to you. Learn the good habit of saving and when the rough times come you will never know it. Learn how to budget when you spend and have your parents open up a savings account to keep you from having easy access when a passing spending frenzy occurs. Develop a discipline you will one day be proud of.

Imagine as a college student having your parents pay half on a car and you offer to match it. You can have the car of your dreams or buy it yourself. (After attaining great driving skill.)
Being a teenager with needs will cost. Making sure you have the money you need is priceless. You can help out in your household, buy your own cloth,or pay for college. I hope this article helps and if you have any other ideas for teenagers to make extra money please tell us about it.

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