Friday, April 20, 2012

Start A Cash Flow Note Business To Make Residual Money

Starting a cash flow business today can be a very wise decision. When times are hard and people need money fast for emergencies they look first to what ever they can liquify the fastest. They turn to selling all types of items and the mortgage notes and other annuities are the first to go when large sums of money are needed.

Mortgage notes are being created faster now than ever before. People are doing owner financing and selling the notes to move on. You can make thousands on a deal without neglecting your friends and family once you start bringing in the business by using word of mouth, flyers and internet marketing.

Cost To Set Up Mortgage Note Business

  • Website
  • Domain name $9.95
  • Hosting Fee $29.95 or more a month.
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Office
There are many companies online that you can start with minimal charge and little or no monthly fees. The are normally a team of investors that use you as an independant agent to submit mortgage notes. They will then submit offers and you will give the best offer to your potential client. Research online what the different mortgage note companies have to offer.

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