Thursday, August 2, 2012

Organo Gold Is A Scam

Organo Gold is a company that is making individuals and families rich beyond their imagination. I research and was excited that they don't require your first born to join or have those ridiculous charge backs when your clients make returns. The scam is making you pay to keep the big boys business afloat with monthly products.

Organo Gold does not force you to do this. This company is not a scam. In fact it is finally a

savour to many across the globe. I found that top producers that have been on board for years at other companies have switched to the Organo Gold international company.

Why would these top earners switch from a company with over 15 and 20 years track record to a company that is only about 4 years old?  The compensation plan of course. Check out for more facts and numbers. But more importantly Organo Golds top earner is 2nd to Amway?

This company also has incredible bonuses and incentives such as the Mercedes Benz program to keep you wanting more. Visit and study the compensation plan. I would like to say that I just did the research but I am also on board. The numbers don't lie!

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