Monday, January 26, 2015

How To Make Fast Money: 6 Creative Online Money Making Ideas

Pleeeese Give Me Some Money!!
Making money online when you need it the most is what this post will be about. When people are in need of money now, learning how to make future money will not help. When you are desperate for quick money and can not afford to wait you want help that is quick to get your cash in you hands.

The most obvious thing to get money fast into your pockets it to stop spending it. Drop nasty little habits and put the money you would have spend aside. Making these changes alone will save you several hundreds a year.

Fastest Money
  • Ask someone.
  • Sell something.
  • Cash Advance (will cost more later)
5 Fast Money Saving Tips

Learning how to spend or not spend money and save it can help build and emergency saving and prevent you from getting into a needy state in the first place. Managing money is a business we have not gone to school for and not having this class causes millions to fail miserable; no matter the income they make.

Here are some simple tips to keep you from throwing your hard earned money awayl.
  1. Quit eating out and make food at home.  
  2. Walk instead of riding or share the cost. 
  3. Make your coffee/food/muffins at home.
  4. Stop buying bottled water and get a filter.
  5. Use coupons when shopping and use gas points.

If you are really in a bind you will have to ask someone close that trust you for money. If you are reading this you have probably used those resources already or have too much pride to ask. I know how that feels.

That being said; the only way to make quick money is to sell something or ask someone for money. If you have to ask make sure the reason you need the money is not frivolous and you have a plan to get the money back by a certain time by selling something or upcoming gig. 

The creative money making ideas I have to show you may take a little time some less than others, but you will have options that will work when you work them.

6 Creative Online Money Making Ideas

  1. Sell your merchandise or (school)books on I'm sure you can find many online sites, but will get you the quickest results. They may have a bad scam reputation but what online service doesn't? Craigslist is still functioning because they work. Use common sense when meeting people. Meet at the library or other safe public area.
  2. Sell your time. You can advertise a service you can perform with ease such as taxi service for the elderly, baked goods, cleaning or lawn service.
  3. Sell your home made items on is a website that only allow you to sell items that you made your self.
  4. Sell your ebook on Don't know how to write? Go to and hire someone for cheap to write for you. Amazon has a self publisher to allow anyone to upload their ebook and make their own cover with a user friendly program.Go to "Self Publish" at the bottom of the home page. They take a small percent from each sale but who cares; your an author!
  5. Sell your sevices on Trust me there is something your good at that you can sell on Make a crazy video, make music, do voice overs, write blog post,sing, dance, proofread... the list goes on. They take $1 from every $5 but your option to make more money increases the more sales you make. You can potentially make $100 for each person in the right situation. As a so-so writer I've done it.
  6. Sell your knowledge on Udemy is an online community that will allow you to create a course and market it to the thousands of regular visitors. There are people from all walks of life that transformed their skill or knowledge into a course. No worries they have a course to teach you how for free. There is no cost to set this up only time.

Today we are our own security and must know how to make residual money. We know longer think that our jobs should last 20 years but expect to move onto greater positions with something to offer for our time. 

I hope this post will leave you inspired and ready to formulate a plan to keep money in your pockets. Don't let your age or geography determine who and what you can become. If you believe you can, you will. I opposite applies.

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