Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Make Online Money With Kindle Nonfiction Ebooks - Online Money Making With Kindle- How To Publish A Kindle Ebook

If you haven't heard, there are a lot of people making a lot of money writing ebooks for Amazons Kindle. Some are clearing over $5,000 a week, month or much more! 

 A Kindle is a device made by Amazon that enable you to read and online ebook; however anyone with digital device can certainly read an ebook as well.

Everyone has something of  interest they can write about. No need to write hundreds of pages to write an ebook. You can write 20-35 pages and charge $.99 - $2.99 and make real money online with Amazon. This may sound offensive to some writers, but
there are reasons for this pricing.

 Studies show the best price to make more money online with your ebook is a whopping $2.99! Selling it for more can cause you sales. You receive 70% earning of about $2.09 depending where you are. 

There are many that are $.99 (35% earnings) ebook gurus and love it but know this, most are upselling and make loads of money on the back end. If this doesn't apply to your the $2.99 is best to make a decent amount of sales and money.

There are strategies to allow people to give you reviews first before upping your price. This will helps the other looky loos  get off the fence and buy. If you have the desire to write you can see how your topic is doing on Amazon before diving in. 

I put together an ebook called 21 Days to Kindle Passive Income to help you get around your learning curve faster than I did. I will show you how to publish a Kindle Ebook that will make you money. 

There is no reason not to make this stream of income and more. In my first Kindle ebook about making money online I will show those of you that don't write how to cash in on the ebook money train as well. I'm living proof that anyone can learn how to make money online by writing their own Kindle Nonfiction ebook.

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