Friday, April 3, 2015

How To Make Money As A Resume Writer

With many people always looking for a job, becoming a "resume writer" is one of the best home based business there is. There will be no shortage of work and you will get plenty of referrals every time your client gets a job.

You can make hundreds a week and up to $100+ for more detailed resumes. You could change your life and never worry about income again.

I have search far and wide and keep coming up with AWAI  as the best place to learn all about the resume writing business. I have actually taken the resume writing course from them myself ; but is was for my own purpose. You can purchase books from Amazon or go the library as well.

You can make the money you need by writing resumes from the most simple to more elaborate,and add extras on from writing "cover letters", and "follow up letter" as well.

If this sounds interesting to you read more from the Resume writing champions and get some of their free reports for other writing possibilities.

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