Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How To Drive FREE Traffic To Your Online Business

When people say that they want to make money online from home it could mean many things.
Do you want to sell your own products? Do you want to sell someone else's products? Are you joining a MLM Multi Level Business such as Avon where you have to depend on a down line to make more money.

The bottom line and the truth is....your real job online is M A R K E T I N G!

As you can see there are many ways to make money online from home. Finding a business that will pay you is simple; setting up a marketing plan, pay system and working your program consistently is another story.

Many have failed and thought they where scammed and what really happened was they did not know how to market or work their system. That is that scam in it's self! MLM's depend on the hype and your warm market and your warm market's warm market to pay them until they quit. It is an endless cycle where the majority of the winner are at the top.

Luckily many are taking online money making programs more serious and put in the work to learn how to market their online service/ website/product properly and consistently. After all a website that sells it's self can't sell it's self with out traffic.

If you want to make money in your service, business or product you will need traffic...

The Real Way To Make Money Online Is To Send Traffic For Your Online Business, Service or Product Consistently

Google Adsense- The best way to get traffic to your online business when you are new and don't have a list is to buy Google Ads and send the traffic. This can be very costly if not done right using a great keyword rich title, benefits and url.

Article Marketing (free)- Articles can be written in blogs and other article websites such as, Ezine Articles and Blogger just to name a few. It is free to write for these article medians but rules do apply. Consistency in adding valuable content is a must if you want visitors to follow your link to your offer. You can also pay someone on to write articles for you.

Traffic Exchanges- .However they all can be managed with more credits at TECommandPost.

Getting the credits you need and achieving bonus credits takes a lot of time. But if you pay for traffic this is much cheaper than Google Adsense.  If you make your own text ad I strongly advice you to make it unique with great value. You don't want to look like everyone else and get passed over.

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