Thursday, May 14, 2015

Secret Shopper: EasyShift App Review

EasyShift is a money making app on Google App Store that can be uploaded onto your device. Once signed up you will be a secret shopper.

EasyShift allows you to earn money by doing simple task for nearby companies. You will be paid soon after each "shift" is verified and excepted.

There is a map that shows you where the shifts are. The shifts you choose can be reserved  and started when you are in the designated area. Go to your app store  on your device to install "EasyShift". You will have to sign up for Paypal in order to be paid.

My Take: When I installed the EasyShift app it uploaded with no problems.It prompt me to allow permission to be tracked. The company knows where you are when you start a job which is OK with me. I however turn off the tracking once I am done.

There is a map that allows you to choose what destination you want to start a shift in, but you will have to reserve it at a certain time to discourage one person from hogging up all the shifts. But grab as many as you can when you can because there are some days when the shifts are further than you want to travel. Your itinerary and money you made is stored in your account.

This is well worth the trouble if you make a profit after using your gas. This is great for extra change to keep gas in the car, buy lunch, tolls etc. You will not be rich by no means. I can imagine this will be a great help for those squeeking by like many today. Combined with other similar money making apps is a plus.

  • Easy to qualify.
  • Make easy money in your spare time. 
  • Paid pretty quick
  • Ability to cancel when needed.
  • Make money while you travel.


  • Photos are stored on your phone before you upload to their site. Be sure to have enough space or you will be forced to "abandon" your shift; which is not good.
  • Some jobs take longer than they say but usually pay more.
  • You must have a smart phone.

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