Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Money Making Online Traffic With (TE) Traffic Exchanges

My method is simple to getting money making online traffic for my online businesses. I joined TE Traffic Exchanges that are useful to me and easy to use each day and that offer a lifetime upgrade when I am ready to automate. 
I have always been interested in TE's and saw that the these were favored as far as getting your program noticed. I tried them and have been getting sign ups; this is the only reason I am referring this method to you.
That being said, I put together this Online Money Making Traffic Training for TE to help you around your learning curve. 

I want you to take a step back because I know that this is so overwhelming and takes a lot of faith to continue to move forward. I have been where you are. But after chasing dreams and trying so many businesses I knew it was time for me to relax and follow a plan from someone that has experience similar to mine.
First realize that those on TE's are only there to make money and the product or system you are offering should do just that if you want a good response.

3 Steps To Setting Up Free Traffic Online

Step 1. Join Free Memberships: I joined TE Command Post as a free member because of the extra credits I received as a free member when surfing 4-6 of their recommended TE's.  I also joined Conversion Surf TripleA Plan and joined their recommended TE's to help build a down-line bringing more attention to my offer by rebranding their TripleA Plan ebook. FYI: Always, always use Google email account with these programs or you will get banned. Why??... I Don't know but who cares don't do this.
Step 2. Set up sites, banners and text ads: Always use a banner ad from one TE in another TE (they like this) and use your ad information in every one of your TE's. 

"It takes about 1,000 views before 1 person converts."

Step 3. Surf! Open your windows in Firefox. (I still use Chrome and have had no problems.) Keep your windows opened at all times; you will be surfing everyday for at least an hour. Optional: Keep this appointment at the same time everyday to align with your daily schedule.

Remember it's the credits you are after to advertise your offer to thousands of people. The games and daily surfs will grow your credits greatly. You must be consistent and diligent by assigning your credits and surfing everyday. 

As you become more familiar you will add more TE's, gain more prospects and make money online!

"Rome Was Not Built In A Day!"

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