Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paidverts Scam Review - How Paidverts Works - My Paidverts Experience

I am trying out Paidverts for the first time to see if you can really make money with a free account in a day. I am writing this as I am trying out Paidverts for this Scam or Not review.

Read on to see  how I did...

My first day with a free account and no upgrade I clicked the 25 BAP's and played 2 games to earn 389 BAP points. No money to be made only BAP points.

Day 2: The second day I was given about a 100 ads and have been clicking them for an hour and earned less than 1 cents.

I had to type or click icon to show type on three lines before being able to proceed to viewing ads; then waiting for 30 seconds and typing in captcha before proceeding to next.

I clicked 49 ads in an hour

110 in 2 hours (becoming faster)
Finally earned that dime! On my first day! Yeah! LOL
My points have decreased to 248

After clicking for 2 hours and making a dime you can see that making money is real but slow. But remember some programs ask for money while putting you to work and you earning no money at all. At least here you can make 

How Paidverts Work

Paidverts is the most paying PTC website online till today. It is almost similar website like Sanbux. Here, you have to view every advertise for 30 seconds, and you will get $0.0005 to $200 for that 30 seconds per ad view. Yes, I meant that amount for only per 30 seconds.You can see their website’s main/home page that how much their top earners are earning in last 48 hours.
The main way to get more value advertisement to click, you have to collect more bonus ad points (BAP). The more bonus points you may have, the higher range value of advertisements will come to you account for getting clicked. Here every Bonus Ad Point(BAP)=$0.0005 cash
So, if you have 20 points, you will receive $0.01 ad sooner or later. If you have 2000 Bonus Ad Points, you’ll receive $1 paid to click ads real soon. Points will be subtracted when you receive that corresponding amount of cash ads.
To collect bonus ad points, you simply have to see the BAP advertisements which will be available in your account everyday. After seeing the BAP advertisements, you’ll be able to see the higher paid value advertisements as soon as possible.
You can buy bulk ads to earn bigger amount per day. With every bulk ads purchased (which will cost $1.05, you can buy it from your earning balance as well), you’ll earn 3100 Bonus Ad Points which will deliver $1.55 worth of clicking ads to your account as soon as possible. 
So buying ads is one of the best way to boost your earnings here. You can also play games to gain more Bonus Ad Points, which will deliver cash ads to your account as soon as possible as well. You can also refer unlimited people to the website and can earn 5% from their clicking earnings and also 10% from their ad purchases as well.
Paidverts pays via Paypal, Payza, Egopay, Perfect Money and many other options. The minimum amount you can withdraw is only $2. 

Join this elite website by clicking the link below: 

===> http://tinyurl.com/wealthnfx

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