Monday, December 7, 2015

Craft Idea:How To Make Extra Money With Glass Etching

This is my first try at etching with a Dremel
after watching many Youtube videos:). I placed the cartoon
character inside as I traced on the outside. If I can do it so can you!
Glass etching may be something you thought was too intricate to learn or this may be the closest you've ever come to considering it. However, this trade is easy and low cost to get into and can make your money issues decrease greatly. Just image buying your glass from the dollar store and selling it for high profits. What a great addition to your yard sell!

What is glass etching? Well it comes in many forms and is the process of etching/scaring images on the glass (and can be done on
wood, aluminum,etc) into pictures or letters. These methods don't require you to be a great artist and is easy for even a child to learn to start making money in their spare time with the glass etching tool of their choice.

I decided to try my hand at it before I added this post; however I already knew many were making money with this skill. I decided not to go with the stencil and cream and jumped right in with a Dremel which is a tool you can use for cutting, sanding and yes of course...etching glass.

I ordered a Dremel kit with Flex Shaft because I will be making items as presents in the future and remember you only have to know how to trace! The items I list here is what I ended up with much research. You can end up spending hundred when you only need something to get you started.

People are making lots of money by selling their etched products in multiple places. I suggest you begin your own blog and take pictures of all of your work to show others on and off Instagram.

How To Etch or Engrave Glass

Glass Etching Tools 

There are a few ways to etch glass or to give the appearance of etch glass. This can be done with chemicals, laser or by sandblasting.

  • Rust- Oleum Frosted Glass Spray. This can be used with stencils and is a  quick but is temporary and can scratch off.
  • Armour Etching Cream is the most popular way to etch glass; this cream sits on stencils and glass for 5 to 20 minuted while working through glass leaving the etched design. This is permanent but only reaches a thin layer and can wear down over the years if used harshly.
  • Dremel Tool is used to trace or draw by hand as you etch your design onto your object of choice. There is a flex shaft to help you convert into a pen like device.

  • Sand Blasting (kit) Your design with a stencil onto you medium (glass,stone, wood, etc) can be deeper and more permanent with the sand blasting method. 

  • Laser Engraving Machine is a method where you set your machine to do your engraving for you. You may want to invest in a machine like this when you decide to go into business for yourself on a larger scale.

I hope glass etching is something you want to add to your money making arsenal. It is easy to get around the learning curve and can have you making money as soon as today if you are ambitious. Good luck to you and make that money!

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