Friday, June 10, 2016

Build Your Money Making Website Step By Step- Even You Can Do This

You don't have to be an 

Albert Einstein to make in online!

If you have been looking to getting started online and everything seems to fail. I understand what it's like to be pulled in so many ways just to end up with a lot of wasted time and still no money.

Every success person seems to know where they can get help, a great website, and training; but, you can't seem to have found these things for yourself.

Well, my friend if you stick with me things will change for the better. I will try my best to get you started online in the next few minutes; if you have the time.

If you are like most you tried many online businesses just to be more confused than
you were before you started. You spent money, you studied the materials and instructions just to find out they got what they wanted and will get it again... from  your referrals.

I want to  make this online business process finally  make sense to you... Can I?

After you began each online business venture and you were hyped and pushing to the next level, what slowed you down? Why did you become uninterested?
  • Did you not make your money fast enough?
  • Did you not believe you could excel online?
The reasons I ask you these question is because a lot of times we self-sabotage ourselves out of success. Do you believe that is what happened?

Well, I believe you didn't have a usable online plan to follow...

I don't care how many self-help books and empowerment videos you watched to tell you that you can achieve greatness; every successful business begins with a business plan or for a better word "foundation" to follow. My guess is you had neither. So, stop beating yourself up.

A little about me first...
So here is my story. I've been online since 2007 trying to make money. I was getting older and more tired of trading my time for someone else's business and dreams.

 I tried so many businesses and lost a lot of money but I never gave up so the journey continued and I finally began to see money... 

So, I know a thing or two about what is definitely required to have your own successful business online.
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3 Things That Determine Your Success Online

  1. Plan- Like I said earlier, you need a usable plan to follow. Just like a successful business person has a mentor to give them the "help" along each turn and level.
  2. Your own website- Please don't be intimidated by the thought of having your own website. As you can see around this one I put it up and changed as I learned. I should be embarrassed but I am proud because I persevered and have made it around my learning curve and can save others the hassle.
  3. Education- You will have to learn the proper way to set up a good foundation for your online business. Once you knew how to set up a business online you will be able to apply what you know over and over again. 
Remember when you wanted to learn to drive or ride a bike? Remember how discouraged you felt but you knew you would never stop until your learn? 

Finally, you were doing it over and over again without a problem and when obstacles got in your way you handled them and kept it moving never looking back or quitting. Success online works the same way.

You are probably by now know how I feel about how easy it is to start an online business with the right 3 steps. I also believe:
1. you can start an online business with a free website, no money, and planned work.
2.  to succeed, you need help, a website, and training
  • Personal Help & Support
    • Ability to get personal help from me (DarleneBelle)
    • Help within a community of 10,000’s of users
    • Live Chat support
    • Ongoing topical discussions
  • 2 Free Websites that are:
    • Fully functional WordPress Sites
    • Set up to make money online
  • Easy to Follow Video Training 
    • Video Classes
    • Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire Classrooms
All this for FREE and no credit card required.   It seems crazy and that is because it is.  You will not find training this robust anywhere and support like this anywhere.   There is a Premium option that you should consider,that will only give you access to WAY MORE. 

FYI: Never skip while in training; or your foundation will have costly cracks
If you are totally new and haven't made any money online, I strongly suggest you join the premium plan and go through every lesson without missing one even if it's familiar to you, I did that years ago and after wasting time and money I had to back looking for what I missed. 

Learning the fundamentals (plan) will allow you to build money making websites over and over again instead of turning in circles wondering why you aren't making money. 
Remember, this is not a "get rich quick scheme"; you will learn step-by-step how to do make money online. If you really don't have any money to go premium, it really is alright because the information that is giving for free is incredible. Go through the "Affiliate Bootcamp Free Training" and you will know more than 98% of the people online trying to make money. You will be able to use the principles at will. 

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