Money Making Ideas For Kids and Teens

Once your kid understands that money gets them what they want, they become fixated about the very idea to have more of it; and when they become old enough to realize that they can make their own they can't wait to grow up.

Making money for kids is very important; they are now in the position to be responsible for what they want, such as:
  • name brand clothe
  • vehicle
  • cell phone
  • college
  • entertainment

Kids earning their own money build character while gaining the appreciations of what money really is ...a tool. 
Children that learn early how to earn, budget and spend money will not be in the same financial state as many adults that never had practice and hands on training with money matters. 

Our kids are very savvy and want to learn more about making money as well as making money work for them. I sure wish I thought like this when I was a kid.

Our kids are learning that the more money they keep, determines how successful they become in their money making venture.

You can scourer websites for tips on how kids can make money, but consider grabbing information on how to invest the money they plan to make.

Money is a tool and kids must learn how to use their tools to make incredible long-term income from investments and budgeting. Good money habits will assure a financially stable and debt-free lifestyle.

5 Ways For Kids To Make Money

  1. Maid/Butler: Don't laugh, there are many things a kid will do to make some extra money. You can hire your kid out to assist elder, pregnant or just plain busy adults. Just apply an hourly or set wage for a certain amount of time. Washing dishes, sorting clothes, vacuuming, dusting, washing car,cleaning the garage,watering the plants etc. The list go on. There are plenty of things a kid can do when others do not have time.
  2. Pet sitting: Your kid may already have a pet or just good with them;  pet sitting may be a great way to make money while improving their pet sitting skills. You will be surprised how many people want this service for their furry family members.
  3. Babysitting: Being a babysitter is not just for girls, boys can be baby sitters too, especially for those with rambunctious kiddies. Taking this job serious will bring in the big bucks. Go to the nearest Red Cross and ask about their next baby sitter paid certification class or you can try Udemy online baby sitter course. The next time you offer your babysitting services, you can now add; "I am certified".
  4. Assistant: Helping others complete task by assisting. Assisting others while they paint their houses, redecorating, spring cleaning, garage sales, etc. Being an assistant can cover many things; especially if you're tidy, handy or strong. Your traits can become your selling points
  5. Sales/Rental Agent: As your kid grows, they have clothe, toys, books, games, gifts etc, they may grow out of. These items can be put up for sale or rent by your kid. Your kid can plan an event where several friends join in with their items to allow a large selection. Selling lemonade to keep your clients cool in the warm weather or cocoa in the cool weather will bring in more cash and help make your sale day a great success.
Hopefully this short list has inspired many more possibilities for your kid entrepreneur. When you are serious about making money your mind will take over while you sleep; you will wake up with the grandest money making ideas on your own. 

Utilize the skills you already have  to add onto your services. The next time your parents want you to do something, become good at it and add it to your service list. It just may you next great money making idea yet!